Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions is Participating in VTEX Day 2017

From May 30th to 31st, 2017, Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions will be participating in the VTEX DAY 2017. VTEX, a global company and a Zezoo business partner, is one of the most trusted and most reliable digital commerce platforms in the world, and the number one platform in select emerging markets. VTEX DAY is a full 24-hours of nonstop excitement, filled with tech, news, innovation, presentations and lectures from more than 100 speakers, and this year will feature Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group, as the keynote speaker.

Zezoo’s CEO, Frederico Martins, will be one the guest speakers and will be sharing his experiences and knowledge of over 20+ years in ecommerce and fulfillment in the US market with hundreds of businessmen in attendance. His lecture entitled “How to Expand your Business to the United States,” is scheduled for May 31st, at 4:00PM, local time. Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions will also have a booth where the thousands of business leaders and the general public in attendance can get more information about the company and the services Zezoo offers.

About Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions

Zezoo is an innovative company that provides business consultation and offers the latest software service solutions. With more than 20 years experience in the field, the Zezoo team brings extensive knowledge and has a proven track record of taking its customers to next level.

Whether is solving a company’s need for organization with ZPM – Zezoo’s Project Management software, or a more complex project utilizing ZPanel, Zezoo’s software for e-commerce, including full warehouse management, marketplace integration and Customer Relation Management (CRM). Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions is the perfect answer for businesses of all fields and sizes.


About VTEX

VTEX has been proving itself as a world leader in ecommerce solutions since 2000. As one of the largest partners of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the owner of patented SmartCheckout technology, among others, VTEX supports major brands and retailers with plans for localized global expansion. A trusted partner of over 1,000 stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Latin America, VTEX annually manages a Gross Merchandise Volume worth billions of USD.

Businesses of all sizes, industry niches, and goals trust the VTEX platform for daily ecommerce management as well as for flawless execution during peak shopping times like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. VTEX’s scalable elastic cloud infrastructure delivers performance, security and uptime no matter what the time of day or year.

The VTEX True Cloud Commerce™ platform is supported by an innovative and dedicated tech team working in offices across the world. Their aim is two-fold, providing solutions for IT and Sales & Marketing departments. First, the teams is sensitive to brands and retailers who need access to all aspects of their online business but who don’t have the time to handle technology, resulting in a platform that is powerful but user-friendly.

On the tech end of the spectrum, the company thrives on the belief that IT Departments are the new game changers that allow business to make the most strategic and innovative decisions while responding with ease to a constantly changing digital landscape.

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