Zezoo and Blue Macaw Group Renew Partnership

Due to the success of their partnership over the last five years, Zezoo and Blue Macaw Group renewed their contracts on May 11th, 2016, for another 2 years. Besides the renewal of the current contracts, the two companies lined up several new projects that will be announced soon.

“We found in Zezoo the perfect partner for Blue Macaw to quickly get ahead without losing our quality and professionalism. The efficiency, combined with the latest technology used by Zezoo, has made all the difference, and Blue Macaw continues to move forward and increase its market share in the Brazilian territory every day.” – Lawrence Fossati (CEO – Blue Macaw Group)

Zezoo’s IT department developed and manages all of Blue Macaw’s software and applications, such as iDealer Master and iDealer VU, and Blue Macaw Avaliador (BMA).

Blue Macaw Group also uses ZPM, Zezoo’s proprietary task management software, in their administrative departments since 2012 to help organize projects and tasks, and provide the total control of the daily tasks of its users, improving their efficiency and productivity, while at the same time reducing the number of associates needed to accomplish daily tasks and projects.

From left to right: Felipe Schneider, Lawrence Fossati, Romeu Schneider, and Frederico Schneider (BlueMacaw Group), and Zezoo’s CEO Frederico Martins

About Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions

Zezoo is an innovative company that provides business consultation and offers the latest software service solutions. With more than 20 years experience in the field, the Zezoo team brings extensive knowledge and has a proven track record of taking its customers to next level.

Whether is solving a company’s need for organization with ZPM – Zezoo’s Project Management software, or a more complex project utilizing ZPanel, Zezoo’s software for e-commerce, including full warehouse management, marketplace integration and Customer Relation Management (CRM). Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions is the perfect answer for businesses of all fields and sizes.


About Blue Macaw Group

The Blue Macaw Group is a company based in Brazil, focused on F&I for the automotive industry, developing and value creation for all its customers and partners.

Formed by experts from wide experiences in the automotive business, dealership management, implementation of processes and platforms for marketing financial products, insurance and services, the Blue Macaw Group has skilled professionals with experience from large Car Dealer Groups, Insurance Companies and Multinational Automotive Industrial Corporations, formed and trained in the best institutions in their teaching areas.

Since the diagnosis, specification of a project until the final adjustments of performance marketing products and services, the Blue Macaw Group has the expertise, technical and practical in all steps required for project development consulting, training, deployments and processes services. In addition to the specific knowledge, our services align the goals of your organization with the best market practices generating value with a combination tailored to Brazilian corporation.

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