ZPM - Task Management Software

ZPM is a collaboration software to manage daily activities, helping people and corporations achieve their goals.

Being a easy-to-use web-based task management software, ZPM gives users the ability to manage their daily tasks and appointments, giving them control of their schedule, allowing for greater collaboration among team members, resulting in cost savings, increased productivity, and greater customer satisfaction, and makes day-to-day work easier and much more efficient.

Clients using ZPM report  greater productivity without needing to increase the number of staff, and without overloading existing coworkers.

For more information on ZPM, visit www.zpmtask.com.

Improve your productivity

Messaging System

Users can send messages from inside the tasks to internal and external users.

Appointment Scheduling

Users can create appointments with ZPM, select the participants (internal users), and send invitations to external guests.

Recurrent tasks setup

Users can set up tasks that repeat based on an interval or on a set schedule.

Shortcut bar

The shortcut bar has specific icons under the navigation menu that help users to quickly create tasks and appointments, view the list of active tasks, and manage projects.

Alert Notifications

The system creates notifications icons in the ZPM status bar to let users know instantly about new, important, and waiting for review tasks that need immediate attention.

Easy Setup

The account setup is quick and takes just a few minutes to start managing projects, tasks, and users.

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