Zezoo Administrative Panel, ZPanel is a web-based warehousing and order fulfillment modular software for e-commerce that is used in: managing and organizing both orders and customers; keeping track of inventory; integrating with marketplaces, such as Amazon; managing returns; managing the warehouse and inventory; providing the customer various business reports; and integrating with accounting software, such as Quickbooks.



Inventory management

ZPanel is a web-based inventory management system which allows 24-hour virtual control of  inventory in real time. Through its operating platform, clients obtain inventory details, manage warehouse inventory, manage orders, track quantities, and much more, all in a click of a mouse.

Zpanel handles multiple unique SKUs on a daily basis, with detailed procedures for receiving warehouse inventory , offloading, counting, verification, identification, and staging functions. By using a barcode verification system for shipping it enables error free order fulfillment.

Quickbooks integration

QuickBooks is the most used accounting software for companies in the United States. It is only an accounting software though, and therefore lacks on many other important areas a company needs. Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions is a company that has been using QuickBooks for the past 20 years, and has built into ZPanel all the features that QuickBooks lacks.

ZPanel with Quickbooks integration is the complete solution for small to mid size companies that want to operate day to day operations more efficiently.  ZPanel’s platform for inventory management, order fulfillment, e-commerce sales, and Quickbooks integration allows you to be more efficient without having to leave the accounting software you are familiar with.

Zpanel features:

  • Total visibility and control of orders;
  • Full order management with direct API support, order import from marketplaces, e-commerce, and/or manual data entry by sales or customers;
  • Customizable packing slips;
  • Receive, store, pick and report on material by pallet position and location numbering;
  • Manage inventory by lot number, UPC number, and/or expiration date;
  • Barcode scanning for accuracy;
  • Direct FedEx, UPS and USPS integration to streamline operations;
  • Auto direct best picking path;
  • Reorder point;
  • Custom payment terms;
  • Custom shipping terms;
  • Custom shipping rules;
  • Custom pricing rules;
  • Custom order statuses;
  • Customized packing list;
  • Customer purchase history;
  • Drop/blind shipping;
  • Move to a new order feature;
  • Copy to a new order feature;
  • RA (return merchandise) system;
  • Carrier tracking;
  • Multi level price customization and management;
  • Option to set prices as a percentage of cost or MSRP discounts;
  • Automatic e-mail set up for order confirmation and tracking;
  • Multiple ship-to address;
  • Synchronizes with QuickBooks;
  • E-commerce Solutions.

Cutting edge warehousing management software!