PicCell WirelessWireless Telephony Provider

Started in 2002, PicCell Wireless is a company that offers competitive wireless products and services to world travelers and study abroad students.

PicCell knew that in order to succeed in this era of cellular telephony market, they would need a partner with experience in logistics and fulfillment. In 2004 they turned to Zezoo to help them reach their goals.


The biggest challenge for PicCell Wireless was to find a reliable partner in order to outsource their fulfillment needs. After trying quite a few fulfillment centers around the USA, PicCell’s CEO, Brandon Ferrante began to believe that if he wanted something done right it needed to be done by himself. That was until he found Zezoo. Some of the main key points of Zezoo’s involvement in the project focused on the following areas:

  • Improve the organization of their warehouse:
    The teams focused their efforts on reviewing the current receiving process, identifying gaps in the storage infrastructure, and analytically understanding fulfillment and shipping variability.
  • Manage the inventory:
    As a cell phone rental company, it was crucial that the phones were being rotated properly and that the units were not sitting around too long. to avoid products getting damaged by not being used, and their battery’s life cycle becoming a huge customer issue.
  • Optimize the warehousing process for perfect order fulfillment:
    The diagnostic determined the stressors that affected warehousing and fulfillment levels. The teams focused on resolving issues related to higher-than-normal damaged products being received by customers, which stressed the entire fulfillment process and led to dissatisfied customers.


PicCell and Zezoo Fulfilment Solutions became partners in 2004. The answer Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions came up with combined cutting edge technology with real world practicality. With Zezoo’s warehouse system products never sat too long, with the last in first out approach, and by implementing lifetime guidelines of products, the complaints for damaged products received by customers decreased tremendously. The turnaround for the return process was faster and therefore increased overall customer satisfaction.


The partnership with Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions has been a great success. Zezoo was able to provide PicCell with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on what they do best, generating more sales, and increasing their business overtime.

Piccell has been able to hold a strong market share of the cell phone rental worldwide and was able to expand their business to several new countries. PicCell Wireless has grown from Seattle to having offices worldwide in Barcelona -Spain,  Tokyo – Japan, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and Florence – Italy. PicCel went from having one service provider to now offering local service and customer care in over 25 countries around the world. Zezoo Fulfillment takes care of all the logistics for all the SIM cards and cellphones of PicCell customers around the world.

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Zezoo was hired to create the advertising for our dealership, creating a television commercial in order to reach a greater audience. We were extremely happy in every aspect of the process in getting what we needed done through Zezoo and will not go anywhere for future projects.

Lawrence Fossati
General Manager, Napleton Valley Hyundai

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