Kaizen RS GroupPremier Honda Dealership in Brazil

Kaizen RS Group is based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and focuses on providing quality and value for all its customers. Kaizen RS is proud to be one of Honda's premier state of the art dealerships in Brazil.

Kaizen RS Group understood that in order to continue growing as a company, they would need to unify the leadership, organize their administrative departments, and restructure their parts department. Kaizen RS turned to Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions in order to take them to the next level.


Kaizen RS Group were aware that they need more structure and organization in all departments. The main areas for improvement identified were:

  • Organizing sales and operations:
    The administrative departments needed to be better organized so that all the projects and tasks were clearly defined. A lot of work was being conducted through email.
  • Create better teamwork:
    Kaizen RS needed a way to create better synergy and communication between their leadership team.
  • Organize parts sales warehouses:
    Kaizen RS parts warehouses needed to be further organized in order to cut down on wasted time, and provide customer with a better sales experience.
  • Expand parts sales:
    Kaizen RS parts sales was limited to their geographical location, and needed a way to sell to other parts of the country.


Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions was hired as a consultant to analyze and organize all of Kaizen RS local administrative departments. Zezoo acted as a enterprise consultant and provided Kaizen RS Group with personalized and knowledgeable support. Zezoo’s ZPM task management software was installed, and all of Kaizen’s employees were trained to organize and track all of the company’s departments, projects, and daily tasks.

In order to create a more unified administrative team, Zezoo’s Consulting professionals held the TEAM D business workshops for Kaizen RS Group management workforce. Zezoo’s TEAM D is a program that involves making a deep individual analysis of each leader indicated by a company’s board of directors. The goal is to bring an employee to understand his own view of the company’s current scenario, as well as his view of himself. After analyzing this information, Zezoo creates specific workshops that aim to align all the leaders with the same mission , core-values, and strategy.

Zezoo also was instrumental in restructuring Kaizen RS parts sales departments. Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions utilized simple, yet effective methods to organize the warehouses.

Zezoo would also create an online store in Mercado Livre, an online marketplace dedicated to e-commerce and online auctions. Zezoo also gave Kaizen personnel guidance on how to photograph parts and create listings.


By utilizing Zezoo’s ZPM task management software, Kaizen RS sales process was streamlined and simplified by the ability to plan, organize, assign, and keep track of daily tasks for all users.

Through the TEAM D workshops, Zezoo was able to align all of Kaizen RS administrative leaders in the same mission, core-values, and strategy, creating a more unified team.

Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions completed the project of restructuring Kaizen RS Group’s parts sales department. providing a much more organized space for employees and resulting in considerable cost-savings to the company and increased customer satisfaction in the long run. By utilizing Zezoo’s effective organizational skills and task management software (ZPM), Kaizen RS parts department is a much more streamlined workplace, resulting in considerable cost-savings to the company as they are able to hire less employees and still be much more efficient than before. This resulted in a better experience for the staff, with less stress and frustration, as they now work in a very organized workplace. In the end, the main objective of providing excellent customer service was achieved by reducing the customer’s frustration of having to wait long hours for the parts department. The Kaizen RS store in Mercado Livre was created, and Kaizen is now able to sell Honda parts to the whole country of Brazil.

The project lasted 1 year, and all aspects from implementation of software to training of managerial staff and employees was handled by the knowledgeable Zezoo training staff.

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Zezoo was hired to create the advertising for our dealership, creating a television commercial in order to reach a greater audience. We were extremely happy in every aspect of the process in getting what we needed done through Zezoo and will not go anywhere for future projects.

Lawrence Fossati
General Manager, Napleton Valley Hyundai

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