Ghetz FootwearU.K. Shoe Company

Ghetz Footwear was founded in 2004, and within a few years their Anatomic & Co brand had become one of the top 10 brands selling men’s shoes to independent stores in the UK.

Ghetz wanted to break into the North American market, and in order to accomplish this goal, they would need a partner based in the US for all their warehousing, fulfillment, and customer service needs. They found this partner in Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions.


The biggest challenge was that Ghetz footwear was based in the UK, and it would not be cost-effective to ship orders to North American customers from Europe. Ghetz Footwear knew they would need to partner with a proven and respect company to solve these key issues:

  • Set up a base for operating in the US market:
    In order to reach a new market, Ghetz new they would need to find a partner based in the US.
  • Provide for warehousing:
    Ghetz would need to store their merchandise in an US warehouse so that orders could be fulfilled quickly.
  • Provide for order fulfillment:
    The orders would need to be fulfilled correctly and on time by trained personnel.
  • Provide for customer service:
    The US based customer would require customer service.


Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions was able to provide Ghetz Footwear with all the requirements needed to break into the North American market. Ghetz would use Zezoo’s warehouse to receive, store, and ship their merchandise to customers all over the US and Canada. Using Zezoo’s warehousing software, Ghetz is able to have an on-demand inventory assessment at all times, allowing for greater order accuracy. Zezoo’s trained personnel would receive shipments from Brazil, accurately add them to the inventory, and do all the order fulfillment for Ghetz footwear.

Zezoo also provides for customer service for all US customers, including any returns.


Ghetz Footwear is now established in the North American market, with dozens of wholesale customers in the US and Canada, as well as major retailers like Nordstrom and Sears carrying their product. All the warehousing and fulfillment, as well as customer service needs are met by Zezoo and it’s trained personnel.

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Zezoo was hired to create the advertising for our dealership, creating a television commercial in order to reach a greater audience. We were extremely happy in every aspect of the process in getting what we needed done through Zezoo and will not go anywhere for future projects.

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General Manager, Napleton Valley Hyundai

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