Editorial PatmosBiggest Christian Book Publisher in Latin America

Part of the CPAD group, the largest Christian book publisher in Latin America, Editorial Patmos opened in Miami to reach the vast Spanish language market.

They knew that in order to succeed in this market their warehousing and fulfillment needed to be much more organized and streamlined than what they are. They turned to Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions to help them get established in a new market, improve their organization, and increase their sales through marketplace integration.


The biggest challenge for Editorial Patmos was starting off in a brand new country, and a brand new market. They knew they would need to partner with a company with a proven track record in the warehousing/fulfillment area. Some of the main keys of Zezoo’s involvement in the project focused on these areas:

  • Improve the organization of their warehouse:
    The teams focused their efforts on reviewing the current receiving process, identify gaps in the storage infrastructure, and analytically understand fulfillment and shipping variability.
  • Manage the total inventory:
    With hundreds of books in the market, Editorial Patmos needed a proper method to add and manage their inventory. The teams defined appropriate quantities for the most important SKUs.
  • Optimize the warehousing process for perfect order fulfillment:
    The diagnostic determined the stressors that affected warehousing and fulfillment levels. The teams focused on resolving issues related to higher-than-normal late shipments, which stressed the entire fulfillment process and led to delays in merchandise reaching consumers.
  • Integrate with other marketplaces:
    The team defined the need and requirements of integrating into a marketplace such as Amazon.


The answer Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions came up with combined cutting edge technology with real world practicality. Zezoo would lead Patmos in organizing their warehouse, and train Patmos personnel on using Zezoo’s ZPanel software for warehousing and order fulfillment, which allows for 24-hour virtual control of  inventory in real time.

To reach an even bigger market, Zezoo would create Editorial Patmos’ Amazon store, utilizing ZPanel’s marketplace integration.


The partnership with Zezoo Fulfillment has been a great success. Editorial Patmos spent their first 2 years in Zezoo’s warehouses, and once they were established in the market, they were able to purchase their own warehouse in the Miami area. Editorial Patmos use of Zpanel software for warehousing and order fulfillment gave them the required edge to succeed in a new market. Through the use of the Zpanel software, Patmos’ whole warehouse was organized, and each product assigned a pallet position.

Editorial Patmos has become established and successful in the market. They are able to reach many more countries and with Zezoo’s help, their warehousing and fulfillment is working 100%. With the ZPanel’s marketplace integration, Editorial Patmos is reaching thousands of more customers through their own Amazon store.

Testimonial in English

Testimonial in Portuguese (English subtitles)

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