Cruzeiro Esporte ClubeBrazilian First Division Soccer Team

Cruzeiro is one of the biggest and most important soccer teams in Brazil. Founded in 1921, Cruzeiro is one of only five teams to never have been relegated from Brazil’s top division.

Cruzeiro needed a way to advance their brand outside of South America, and in order to reach their international fans, they would need a partner based in the US with marketing and fulfillment expertise. They turned to Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions to help accomplish their goals.


The biggest challenge for Cruzeiro Esporte Clube was that their brand was not reaching the markets outside Brazil. Cruzeiro needed a partner to help them in these key problem areas:

  • Selling merchandise to other countries:
    Cruzeiro was finding difficult to sell their team merchandise to international fans outside Brazil
  • Cruzeiro’s brand was not reaching other countries:
    Cruzeiro needed a way to establish their brand outside south America
  • International fans could not join the team’s  annual membership:
    The fans outside Brazil that wanted to join the team as annual members could not.


Cruzeiro Esporte Clube partnered with Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions to create their own hotsite, Cruzeiro World. The new website was created and administered by Zezoo to sell merchandise to fans worldwide. Zezoo also was instrumental in making the Cruzeiro brand reach new audiences through social media, administering the Facebook page Cruzeiro World. An international team membership category was also created: Sócio do Futebol Cruzeiro World, and international fans could now join the team annually. Zezoo also arranged many promotional games, where the team would come and play friendly matches in Chicago, Boston, and Miami.


Cruzeiro’s merchandise is now being sold and shipped worldwide. The Cruzeiro brand is being exposed to thousands of new fans through the social media efforts led by Zezoo in administering the Cruzeiro World Facebook page. International fans can now contribute to the team annually by joining the newly created international membership: Sócio do Futebol – Categoria Cruzeiro World.

By the numbers, the effort resulted:

  • Merchandise being sold/shipped to 150+ countries
  • 36,000 fans in the Cruzeiro World Facebook page
  • New international team memberships in 6 continents around the globe
  • Increased brand awareness

Zezoo - Cruzeiro World TV ad

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