Blue Macaw GroupLeader in Dealership Management for the Brazilian Market

Blue Macaw Group leads the way in developing systems for managing automobile dealerships in Brazil.

Blue Macaw Group needed to find a company with the technological know-how that shared the same values, quality, and integrity. They found this partner in Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions.


The biggest challenge for Blue Macaw Group was being a brand new company in a new market. They needed a partner they could trust 100% to lead them on the right path, and help them to resolve the following issues:

  • Create a corporate identity:
    The newly created company needed to create their corporate branding
  • Create a social media presence:
    It was essential to create a presence in social media in different platforms in order to expand their market reach
  • Create a company website:
    A corporate website was needed to showcase their services and products to prospective clients
  • Enhance administrative processes:
    There was a need to enhance daily processes in order to become more productive with their time.
  • Monitor daily tasks:
    There was a need to increase accountability by monitoring the daily activity of each employee
  • Organize company’s projects:
    It was important to organize their tasks into projects in a clear and easily understood manner
  • Create specialized software:
    There was a need to translate their technical knowledge into specialized software for the dealership market


Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions would create Blue Macaw Group’s corporate identity, starting from the very creation of the company’s logo, to everything else needed for corporate branding.

Zezoo would also create and update all of the social media for Blue Macaw, as well as create Blue Macaw’s corporate website.

Zezoo would implement the ZPM task management software for all Blue Macaw’s administrative departments, to help organize projects and tasks, and provide the total control of the daily tasks of its users.

Since 80% of Blue Macaw’s services depend on technology, Zezoo’s IT teams would create all the specialized software and apps that Blue Macaw needed for its clients.


Blue Macaw Group’s corporate identity was created. Zezoo designed their logo and all their stationery, and was instrumental in creating the right image for the new company. Zezoo’s marketing team created and managed Blue Macaw’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube accounts. Blue Macaw’s company website was also created and managed by Zezoo’s talented team. When it came time to revamp the corporate website, Zezoo’s team were able to create a modern, more user-friendly corporate website.

Blue Macaw’s has used ZPM since 2012, which has led to an improvement in all the company’s departments, resulting in greater profits for the company. Blue Macaw is now in control of all the companies projects and the daily tasks of all it’s employees, improving efficiency and productivity, while at the same time reducing the number of collaborators needed to accomplish daily tasks and projects.

Zezoo’s IT department was responsible for the creation of 3 different software and 2 apps that are key elements to the success of the company in the dealership management market in Brazil.

Blue Macaw and Zezoo’s partnership has continued since the inception of the company, because of their shared values, trust, professionalism, commitment to quality, and integrity.

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Zezoo was hired to create the advertising for our dealership, creating a television commercial in order to reach a greater audience. We were extremely happy in every aspect of the process in getting what we needed done through Zezoo and will not go anywhere for future projects.

Lawrence Fossati
General Manager, Napleton Valley Hyundai

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