AgroluzAgricultural Enterprise

Agroluz is a successful company in the agricultural field in Brazil focusing on cultivating soy, corn, and sunflower crops, and well as cattle breeding.

Agroluz needed a way to manage all the daily tasks of their employees, and found a partner in Zezoo to accomplish this goal.


The biggest challenge for Agroluz was needing to utilize more current methods in a business that is not easily enhanced with technology. In order to compete with other agricultural enterprises, Agroluz needed to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance processes:
    There was a need to enhance daily processes in order to become more productive with their time.
  • Monitor daily tasks:
    With hundreds of daily agricultural tasks, Agroluz needed a way to monitor the daily activity of each employee, increasing accountability
  • Organize projects:
    Being in the agricultural field, and having many different areas, Agroluz needed to organize their tasks into projects in clear and easily understood manner


The solution was using the Zezoo’s ZPM task management software, which is a collaboration software to manage daily activities, helping people and corporations achieve their goals. ZPM’s main role is to organize a company’s projects and tasks by providing speed and accuracy of information, and total control of the daily tasks of its users.


Agroluz’s use of ZPM has led to an improvement in all the company’s departments, resulting in greater profits for the company. Agroluz is now in control of all the companies projects and the daily tasks of all it’s employees, improving efficiency and productivity, while at the same time reducing the number of collaborators needed to accomplish daily tasks and projects.

Every level of the organization operates more smoothly and precisely due to their dedicated relationship with Zezoo.

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